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Resonance 2008 1.jpg

#13 RESONANCE 2008-11

  • SIHA at Amanecer

  • A Visit to Quito

  • Quest Centre for Integrative Health

  • Feet Can Tell You a Story

  • The Heart – More than Just a Pump

  • Individual Psychology

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#12 RESONANCE 2006-06

  • From the SIHA Coordinator Maxwell Fraval

  • From the Editor Harris Smart

  • The Thread of Life by Roland Evans

  • The Wisdom of Birth by Rhea Dempsey

  • The Story of SIHA by Latidjah Miller

  • Osteopathy & Childhood Development by Maxwell Fraval

  • Leukaemia: A Gift from God by Melinda Lassalle

  • Quantum Healing Shift by Rohanna Salom

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Resonance 1994 7.jpg

#11 RESONANCE 2004-07

  • Feature: An integrative Approach to Depression

  • Journeys: Arjunada Vitos

  • Healing Stories: Harry Armytage

  • What is Quantum Xxroid Consciousness Interface

  • Bucelas - A rich and blessed Subud experience

  • Topical Issues: Chakras and the state of Subud

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Resonance 2002 8.jpg

#10 RESONANCE 2002-08

  • Feature: A Psychologist's View of Subud by Roland Evans

  • Journeys: From Healed to Healer by Arjunada Vitos

  • In Practice: Giving up smoking -a multi·disciplinary approach

  • Healing Stories: Blood, rhvme and faitha testing time by Lauraine Palmeri

  • What is Ayurverda

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Resonance 2002 1.jpg

#9 RESONANCE 2002-01

  • Health Projects: Natural Therapeutics Outreach

  • What is Natural Therapeutics

  • Topical Issues: Responding to Trauma

  • Health Issues: What has Water to do with Health?

  • Healing Stories: Andrea Axt

  • In Practice: Learning Difficulties in Children part 4

  • Helpers and Health Issues: What about mental illness

  • Prayer Chain by Dominic Rieu

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Resonance 2001 Spring.jpg


  • Journeys: Roland Evans

  • Healing Stories: Abdus Salam Molla

  • In Practice: Learning Difficulties in Children part 3

  • What is Therapeutic Touch

  • Feature: The Benefits of Physical Affliction by Dominic Rieu

  • Health Projects: Poland and UK

  • Seeking Wholeness an extract

  • Book Review: The Rise and Fall of Modem Medicine

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Resonance 2000 Autumn.jpg


  • Journeys: Rohana Darlington

  • Health Issues: Living Wills

  • Healing Stories: Sophia Hughes

  • In Practice: Learning Difficulties in Children part 2

  • What is Bowcn Therapy

  • Feature: Cows for Kosovo by Lucia Cargill

  • Health Projects: Artemisia

  • Book Review: The Natural Death Handbook

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Resonance 2000 Spring.jpg


  • Journeys: Saodah Hayashi

  • In Practice: Learning Difficulties in Children part 1

  • What is Colour Light Therapy?

  • Health Projects: Medical Aid Project

  • The Benefits of Tremblecizing

  • Health Tips
    Helpers & Health Issues: An amazing event

  • Book Review: Reason for Hope

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Resonance 1999 Spring.jpg


  • Feature: Wolves as Therapists

  • Journeys: Hermione Elliott

  • In Practice: Complementary Therapy in Drug Rehabilitation

  • Healing Stories: Leonard Lassalle

  • Healing Stories: Michele von Royk-Lewinski

  • Health Issues: Longevity through Insulin Control

  • What is The Meir Schnieder Method of Massage and Movement

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Resonance 1999 Autumn.jpg


  • Feature: M.E, - Living, D}ing and Re-birth

  • Journeys: Melanic Milan

  • Healing Stories: Marcus Bolt

  • Health Projects: Sine Cera

  • Book Review: Hermione Elliott

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Resonance 1999 1.jpg


  • Feature: Osteo-arthritis

  • Journeys: Latidjah Miller

  • Healing Stories: Louise Anderson

  • What is Osteopathy? by Maxwell Fraval

  • Health Projects: Fountain House

  • Book Review: Testimony of Light

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Resonance 1998 2.jpg

#2 RESONANCE 1998-9

  • Feature: Bioenergy Research by Raymond Grad

  • Journeys: Maxwell Fraval

  • In Practice: Dr. Lupita Sanchez in Mexico

  • Healing Stories: Emmanuel Aronie

  • What is Homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy in Practice

  • Thee Medical Aid Project

  • Health Project Quest

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Resonance 1998 1.jpg


  • Feature: Brookhurst Grange

  • Journeys: Sjahari Hollands

  • On the Subject of Mixing

  • In Practice: Holistic Nursing

  • Healing Stories: Kadariyah Gardiner

  • What is The Bach Flower Remedies

  • Health Projects: Purnama Japan

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