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My Festy Leg



Left Leg

I live in a small, isolated city called Darwin in the Australian tropics. One morning five years ago, I noticed a boil-like swelling on my left shin, which turned into a spreading blister that caused my skin to fail. Although it was not painful it just would not heal. I was very busy with work and a Subud congress, so I applied long-life waterproof dressings that allowed me to ignore the wound.

Some weeks later, I was jolted out of my lethargy by hearing on the radio that those with tropical ulcers were amongst the high-risk group for catching AIDS. My GP was very laid-back and didn't seem concerned when my wound hadn't healed after two courses of antibiotics. I was now worried and switched to an Indian doctor who didn't wear shoes but had a reputation for being good with skin complaints. Dr Ramdoss was amiable, but sightly unnerved me by mentioning that everyone made mistakes. He prescribed more antibiotics. When this only slightly improved my wounds, he referred me to a specialist. These visits were excruciating as the specialist cleaned my wounds with tweezers. Thankfully, a higher dose of the same antibiotic healed my leg. We were both relieved that biopsies and skin grafts had not been necessary.

The whole experience rocked me a bit. I had taken my skin for granted. It had taken five months to heal what was only a small spider bite. I undertook to go to the doctor straight away if anything like this should happen to me again. The wound area remained fragile and dry for three years and a scar serves as a reminder of the ordeal.

Right Leg

In November 2001, to my horror, I spied a boil-like swelling on my right shin. It appeared after gardening at the Subud hall. We all agreed it was most likely a spider bite. This time I went to see Dr Ramdoss immediately and he plied me with antibiotic cream and pills - two courses each of Bactramicin and Eryacne. Neither cured my wound, and both made me feel very lethargic.
Alas, I had built up a resistance to the antibiotics that had cured my left leg and the wounds prospered. So I tried a medicated honey, which is good for tropical ulcers; but alas, the honey had crystallized and the sharp crystals cut the skin around the wound to ribbons. Now I tried a poultice of green French clay, 1 which has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties and strongly draws poison out. Initially, it did reduce the swelling and the amount of weeping. However, the sore then went through a 2-3 day cycle of scabbing and healing and weeping skin failure. There was a nasty persistent infection inside.


Now I was very concerned. We were on the eve of leaving for a holiday and so I tried a homeopath called Zarna Carter, of whom we had heard good reports. Her homeopathic and herbal remedies stabilised my condition on the trip. On holiday I swam in the sea when I could; this seemed to help. The sore remained an uncomfortable inconvenience. In Canberra we stayed with my brother-in-law Maxwell Fraval, who is an osteopath.
My leg appalled him, and he prescribed light therapy, [2] which appeared to work wonders and cleared up the wound almost completely. We also received in testing that we should move south to Canberra. However, on my return to Darwin the cycle of weeping sores came back, and the wound area grew. Alas, the light therapy had not cured the infection inside the leg.
I went back to Zarna, who suggested 10g a day of vitamin C to eliminate the poison in my system and Calendula cream for the wound. The cream worked well initially but then hurt for hours after each application. The wound was becoming sensitised. By now the leg had started swelling with oedema, so I used pressure bandages and non-stick wound pads whilst at work. This gave the wound some protection from slight knocks, which had started to become painful. It was ulcerating but thankfully not necrotic. I was starting to feel rather helpless; my surrender in latihan brought me no clear indications.
By May the right leg had started to hurt at night, and I needed painkillers to sleep. Now my leg was the subject of widespread concern amongst friends and acquaintances. Sadly, none of the recommended doctors were taking on new patients. What a challenge it was to find a good GP in this town! A retired pharmacist said it might have been a green jumping spider, since one had given him a nasty bite. The problem had not been the venom, but the secondary infection and the liquefying enzymes and bacteria that came with the bite. I racked my brain for who might help remembered a medical research doctor, called John, who suggested I see Dr Bart Curry. Bart was a world-class specialist in tropical venomous bites. John also said that there might be no clear answer about such a bite and that progress would probably be slow.
I got the referral for Curry, and Ramdoss mentioned that my wound pathology results came back positive for golden staph and strep. Ramdoss prescribed antibiotics for the staph; however, I never took them, preferring the reliable homeopathic cure instead. I saw no point in telling Ram doss this. Back again to Zarna for homeopathic remedies for staph and strep as well as for the sensitivity, pain and infection. [3] Zarna gave me support whenever I called and her remedies came with love. She commented that my wounds looked syphilitic and that I should look into this and gave me a remedy for a syphilitic miasm. Since both my legs were now swollen with oedema, I kept the compression bandages on all day and at night when necessary. I was relieved when the pathology results came back clear for staph and strep and that the wound continued to shrink with the Bactroban.
In mid-May, two raised tender red patches on the left leg appeared and were slow to heal. Zarna thought this was poison from the first bite coming out four years later, in response to the homeopathics. The antibiotic 'cure' would not have completely cured the original bite. The right leg and foot remained very sensitive and were excruciating if knocked - enough to make me feel nauseous.
In June I got more Bactroban ointment and was still taking the Apis in the hope it would help the painful oedema. While the swelling was almost continuous, the wound was painful when I applied the cream. My legs remained very tender and the bones in my feet ached from the pressure of the bandage. I was concerned about the swelling causing more permanent damage. On some mornings I felt almost normal upon waking, but the pressure built-up in my foot soon re-emerged. Walks during the day now became too painful because the heat exacerbated the swelling.

Dr Bart Curry

In mid-June I saw the tropical bite specialist Dr Bart Curry, who didn't think it was a spider bite because I hadn't seen the spider; he said to discontinue all topical creams, and the wound would heal. My high hopes of Bart were sinking; he had a very literal perspective and only believed what he could see and touch. His training was the basis of his complete disbelief at merits of homeopathy. Bart referred me to Sarah, an occupational therapist, who gave me compression stockings. She was very kind and said to call her if I ever got desperate. Sarah saw legs all the time, but - like everyone else - had never seen a wound quite like mine.
In late June I flew round South Australia for my work and completed an application for a senior job in Canberra. The leg was very painful, and the wounds enlarged. I wasn't sure about discontinuing the Bactroban. My legs got very swollen after the flight home, so for two days I had to put double stockings on to reduce the swelling. I resorted to antiseptic cream under the bandage to reduce the pain to bearable levels. My whole body blew up in spots. Some were triggered by wine with dinner. My life was slowly but surely contracting.

Peter Fraser

My friend Maxwell Fraval rang, and suggested I contact an acupuncturist in Queensland who used quantum medicine.[4] Peter Fraser had a good reputation for curing difficult cases like mine. I sent Peter saliva and wound samples for DNA analysis and received an impressive 33-page report, which revealed that I had a very complex disease with two unidentifiable double-stranded viruses in the wound as well as heavy metal contamination in my bones and tissue memory of past shock.
He sent a homeopathic remedy designed to correct the errors in my body-field and also suggested I take fish oil, vitamins A, C and E, iron, zinc and kelp. The results were dramatic - the wound stabilised. I continued to send monthly samples to Peter, who reported that the viruses were continually mutating and seemed invisible to my immune system causing 'failure of viral I was at last open to look at the inner issues awaiting me. We did much inner exploration over immunity'. The wound was affecting my whole system - even my testosterone was low. It was amazing what he could get from a saliva sample. Peter said my spots were a detox reaction and would stop in due course. I shared Peter's reports with my GP, Dr Lauffer, who said it was mostly experimental and unproven. Nevertheless, he agreed that since it was having a beneficial effect, it was better to continue with Peter.
I reached my low point in the early hours of the July and August mornings, as I lay awake in great pain. After a latihan I felt OK inside; it was just my body hurting. I seldom woke my wife Irma, as she was by now running the house and family as well as working. I took painkillers and usually got to sleep by four in the morning. My legs and feet were now hypersensitive, and it was so excruciating to get up at night that Irma put a bucket under my bed. I had grown to dread my dressing changes. It was so hard, so painful to wash, and the wound exudation smelt so awful - imagine blood left out in tropical heat for three days. My leg looked so bad it often made me cry. I tested my attitude to my leg and I should love it, wound and all - this was difficult. · My daughter Tessy called it 'Dad's festy leg'. By now I was in a separate bedroom because of my insomnia. My world was shrinking further.

Dr Gawler

I got desperate and called Sarah, who made me an appointment with a foot specialist, Dr David Gawler. David was gentle and was responsive to my suggestions; he called me his mystery patient because my wounds were so unusual.
I now became slowly aware of a large number of people who had horrible wounds like mine. In most cases conventional medicine had been of little use. It was not unusual for those afflicted to have a year off work. I discovered an acquaintance whose leg had been ulcerated for three years. She had rejected five skin grafts and endured sixty-five hyperbaric treatments. She had now resorted to the medicated honey despite the agony. We live in a place where there is insufficient medical knowledge of the multitude of tropical bugs.
While I trailed up to the hospital to see David every three weeks and Bart every eight weeks, I still went to my GP. Dr Lauffer mentioned a custom vaccine to fight the viruses in my wound - easy to get in Europe, but a forgotten art in Australia with its culture of drug-based medicine. Lauffer said an equivalent alternative was to make a nosode, a homeopathic remedy from a wound sample. I sent a wound sample to Claire, the closest homeopath with this expertise, who was in Brisbane 3,000 km away. My hopes sank as the nosode failed to cure me. I suspect that it wasn't able to keep up with the mutating viruses. During this time I was grateful for the latihans for the sick my family did for me, which lifted my spirits.
I preferred the health centre for my wound dressings, I dreaded the rough hospital nurses - my wounds were so sensitive. I discovered the bliss of saline to wash a wound, as it didn't hurt like the shower. The centre nurses were gentle and we experimented with dressings which took a few weeks to get right. As my wounds evolved, we went through the dressing catalogue with some successes and some failures. In the end I was allocated to the head wound-nurse and the dressings became more and more gentle as they understood my wounds. My wounds rejoiced in the delights of Algisite, Allevyn, Fixomol, Jelonet, Profore and Zipzoc. I learned how to apply a figure eight bandage that wouldn't slip down my leg during the day.
By now my blood had been tested for almost every disease, sexually transmitted or otherwise, known to medicine. While I hated the idea of anyone cutting into me, I now consented to some biopsies. The surgeon was very gentle and we had a laugh together about his needlework. The results all came back negative. Bart then photographed my spots and sent them to another specialist, who came up with yet another blank. I seemed on my own again - back to the latihan.

Inner exploration

My life had come to a halt. I had neither the energy to look for a job in Canberra, nor could I work. I was not even well enough to go on a weekend with my daughter to photograph boab trees. I had reached a state where I was willing to do anything to move forward. I was at last open to look at the inner issues awaiting me. We did much inner exploration over he next three months. Peter Fraser reported that my tissue still had memory of the shock from my broken back when I was eighteen, so we did a special latihan to rectify this. Irma felt that I was carrying a great weight and I received that my insomnia was partly due to the sadness of my grandfather, for whom we did a special latihan. I felt light and happy after this.
After reading a fascinating book called Radical Healing, [5] we investigated the extent of the unresolved emotional damage in me. That was enough to keep us busy for a while. We did work on my brain, my memory and my level of surrender. We received that my leg reflected a lack of faith as well as fear. Following this thread, I discovered that I did not have a clear idea of who 'Harry' is. Having dispatched two grandparents, I found another lodged on my left shoulder, where he had always comfortably been. I managed to send him home after so much crying, so much sadness. But there was more ancestral stuff weighting me down. We found a syphilitic ancestor, as Zarna had suspected, and sent him home. He would not leave until we found someone who could love him. Why did I have to do three generations of ancestral spring-cleaning? Perhaps because it was my job to do this; perhaps I knew this before birth. In any case, now it is done and my kids will not have to deal with this stuff.

A friendly wound-nurse

My body was now making too much flesh to fill in the cavities of my tropical ulcers; unfortunately new skin won't grow uphill! The nurses plied my wounds with silver nitrate to bum the excess flesh off. That was awful. It persisted until Chris, the head wound-nurse, stopped this barbaric practice. We then tried a pressure bandage of Fixomol to force the over-granulated tissue flat, which it did, but the caustic wound exudation burnt my fragile new skin. So we had hit a brick wall - the wounds wouldn't heal until we could find a gentle way of levelling them to the surrounding skin. We had to wait until November, when David Gawler suggested Cortisone steroid ointment, which worked a treat.
I grew to respect Chris. She explained that the dressing changes must be kept to a minimum since changing them traumatised my wounds. She also stopped the unnecessary wound-fiddling foisted on me by various medical staff. She was so widely respected that my use of her name was enough to get even the specialists to adopt this gentle approach. My only conflict with her was about a poultice, which Claire the Queensland homeopath had made for me.
I showed Zama, who said the poultice was brilliant. It was brilliant because it worked and did not hurt my hypersensitive wounds. Claire had made the recipe [6[ with a lot of love. The poultice eliminated many of the smaller wounds, but I was reticent to use it on the larger ones because of sterility concerns. Chris was appalled by the fact that I could not make the poultice sterile. In the end I deferred to her and we relied on expensive zinc stockings to aid my healing.
I had now seen two GPs and three specialists, none of who had the faintest idea how to treat the causes of my wounds. The multiple tests, biopsies and examinations had revealed only that I was slightly anaemic and that there was infection in the wound. Conventional medicine kept my wounds sterile. None of it made me comfortable and I relied solely on the curative powers of the zinc dressings. The consistent antagonism of the specialists to the successes of the 'alternative' treatments depressed me. It was as if their training had 'closed' them. Only amongst the GPs and the nurses did I find open minds.
In early October I rang Bart because my wounds were not improving. He referred me to Pruim for a second opinion. Pruim ordered another twelve blood tests and I agreed to more intrusive biopsies. He took samples in and around the wounds and left. His 'nurses' then stood by and watched as I struggled to re-dress my wounds. The shock of the surgery caused my skin to fail the next day in many places on my left leg. This was an unwelcome reminder of my first bite - I felt shattered. The biopsies completely healed within a fortnight; it was amazing how localised the poison was. Pruim was almost human when he later revealed to us that all the tests had been negative and that he had no idea what to do. I was to come back in six months if nothing had changed. Shortly after this Irma rang Maxwell, who became very concerned at my condition and suggested I come for treatment with a new machine that he had.

Bart again

After three months ill at home, I was open to visit specialists again - with some trepidation. My last visit to Dr Bart Curry was an unmitigated disaster. He was running late and delegated yet another medical student to interview me and look at the wound. After reading my file for a long time Bart came over and we agreed that none of Pruim's biopsies or blood tests had revealed anything new. He had no new ideas other than to chastise me for trying Claire's poultice. He then aggressively ordered me to restrict myself to the zinc dressing and compression. When I mentioned that this wasn't working and my sick leave was running out, his solution was hospitalisation. He strenuously opposed my seeking alternative treatment with Maxwell in Canberra.
As Bart left, the three nurses, Irma and I all looked at each other in amazement. The nurses were all embarrassed. The nurse that Bart had asked to change my dressings had been in administration for years and had no idea what to do. Throughout this saga both Irma and one of the nurses, whom we knew, stood quiet and preserved some modicum of balance. It took some days for me to recover from this episode. The next day I booked a ticket for a three-week respite in Canberra to seek help with Maxwell and escape the oppressively humid pre-monsoon season.
I saw Gawler later in the week He agreed that a stint in the cooler weather would help and arranged enough dressings for three weeks. I saw a letter in my file from Chris to Bart - she claimed I was compromising my treatment by using alternative remedies. I was staggered! It had been one of Chris' senior nurses who had suggested that I approach Claire for a topical treatment and hence the poultice. Maybe this explained Bart's strange mood earlier in the week But why had neither Bart nor Chris discussed this with me? As Muchtar Martins once remarked, in any effort there is always politics. My education in medical politics had begun.
Peter Fraser reported that I was continuing to improve and sent me a new medicine from the USA for the polymorphic bugs (they change shape and form) in my wound. Despite this good news, I remained rather exhausted. My leg wounds were still painful enough to require a painkiller most nights to get to sleep.

Maxwell in Canberra

On my arrival to Canberra, Maxwell and Asmaniah Fraval were shocked by my depleted state. Without delay, Maxwell put me on a multi-pronged full-time treatment regime, including osteopathic treatments. I laid on 'the QRS mat' [7] three times a day, and to this Maxwell later added light treatment [8], music therapy and breathing exercises.[9] Each day I also had two armchair mountain-climbing sessions (intermittent hypoxic treatment), [10] and three one-hour QXCI sessions. [11]
The Quantum QXCI is an electronic biofeedback system that covers the physical as well as the metaphysical. It was amazing to experience this form of bioenergetic [12] medicine where a computer interrogated my body through conductive bands on my feet, wrists and head and then prescribed electronic and 'real' treatment in response my electrical feedback. It was a fascinating exploration of my body as we navigated menus in search of suitable treatments and remedies for my deficiencies. It recommended the Venus Fly Trap remedy [13] to sweep away rogue cells. Hopefully, this will completely clean out my leg, which is now looking so much better.
In between treatments, I devoured The Field, [14] an incredible book that crystallised my understanding that everything in this world is interconnected, as illustrated by the one-ness of massed tropical fish. I learned about the difference between Newtonian and Quantum laws. The QXCI never gave the same results twice because it operates under Quantum laws.[15]
As the three weeks passed, I felt my strength and humour gradually return; I felt glimmers of normality again. I became well enough to do a few hours work each day, attended a couple of sessions at a conference, went for daily walks and even went for a job interview. Under the impact of all this loving care, my health scores on the QXCI had become normal and the number of risk factors shrank dramatically.
The QXCI programming was impressive, as the machine diagnosed that I had an ancestral issue. Accordingly, I took the opportunity to test with Maxwell and Marcus Mackay. We received that I had one angry ancestor who was giving me paralysis when I faced a decision. He was also the source of the problem with my lymphatic system, by placing a 'boulder' at the entrance [16] to the body's main lymph channel, which carries the lymph to my heart. We received that when I am aware of his influence, I should quickly surrender, do something physical, and then return to do a latihan surrendering the situation. In this way, I can sever this unpleasant connection and presumably help him get to where he should be.
I now feel very positive about myself and the future. Having put so much of the ancestral stuff into its proper place, I feel so much more at home in myself. I guess in a sense I have at last come home to 'Harry' and am not such a mix of 'Harry and my ancestors'. The experience has made me realise that healing is love, and has kindled in me - for the first time - an interest in health matters. I am grateful to have been treated by so many loving and caring individuals; the pity is that they were never senior enough to alter the dominant medical culture that processed me.

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1 Green French clay or agile vert; for more details see:
2 He used a Polidight® which has a 500Watt Xenon lamp and incorporates state-of-the art microprocessor control which allows a very precise band of light to be selected.
3 Staphlion from India; Golden Seal; Echinacea; Phythace and Mezeachum.
4 Quantum medicine evolved from the work or German physician Dr Voll, who pioneered the use o[ electru-acupuncture as a method or diagnosis and treatment in the context or traditional Chinese medicine. For more on Peter Fraser see:
5 Rudolph Ballentine, Radical Healing, (Three Rivers Press; Random House paperback, New York, 1 999) .
6 Slippery Elm powder with mixture or Calendula, Echinacea, Chickweed and distilled water.
7 The Quantronic Resonance System (QRS) mat produces a pulsed magnetic-field therapy which improves circulation and oxygen distribution in cells, achieves an improvement in the body's ability to reduce toxins, thereby supporting the immune system and strengthens vascularisation or healing tissue.
8 Usc'<l 650nm (red) on tlte Rofin Polilight®.
9 I did the following cycle 16 times a day: breathe in 8 secs, hold 4 Sl'CS, and breathe out 14 secs.
10 Intermittent hypoxic therapy delivers air in 3 to 5 minute cycles at the equivalent or 1 1 ,000 feet. Singh reported in 1 977 that a stay in high altitude reduces the incidence or infections or a bacterial, viral and protozoal origin, [or more see: http://www.go2altitude.con11
11 QXCI: the Quantum Xrroid Consciousness lnterface is a computerised biofeedback device developed by quantum physicist Bill Nelson . details or this intriguing S)'Stem can be round at the website For a brief description see: http://www.thegxci .com/product,.html
12 See:
13 Gemtan physician, Dr llans Nieper pioneered the use or Dionea Muscipulo (Venus Fly Trap) which contains the active enzymes endopeptidase and endonuclease that, together with a number or other [actors in the plant (plumbagin, droseron and hydroxydroseron ) , eliminate damaged tissue or foreign tissue which is not recognised by the body's immune system.
14 Lynne McTaggert, The Field, (HarperCollins, 200 I).
1 5 Under Quantum laws the act of measuring something changes it.
16 The cystema chylli.

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