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SIHA Member Activities


1.  Monthly Latihan and Sharing ONLINE:

These latihans have been running monthly since October 2020.  An array of different members join in.  The sharing afterwards has varied hugely and has been an opportunity for sharing at times when members have felt isolated.
*NEXT Nov. 20th 2023 after latihan presentation CONFLICT RESOLUTION by Elsa van Amern. See info in the FORUM (Current Activities Topic*

2.  Mental Health Team

This group is exploring what and how we may best support:

  • Members who are experiencing mental and emotional difficulties

  • Helpers to identify and source the correct help for individual members in crisis or experiencing illness.

  • Offering loving listening support to all members via Listening with Love,

  • Possibly offering a "Help Line" for limited periods of the day for those in need of one to one help and support. Included in this group are mental health professionals including Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychotherapists, and Counsellors.

3.  Listening with Love

Listening with Love is one of a number of ways to open a safe space for anyone who wants to share something that really matters to them.  When listening with love, we do not intrude into that space.  We do not react, speak, judge, or comment in any way and we certainly do not give advice.

4.  Carers Support Group

This group is here to support those in a caring role and who are coping with difficult or challenging situations whether through illness, disability, or any other circumstances.  It includes all those in roles from looking after a relative, friend, or any age.  Dependent on the need, the group is committed to helping those who find themselves in a crisis, and listening support is available at short notice.  It is hoped that an offshoot of this group to support those with dementia will soon be established.

5.  Dance for Health

Zoom events as provided by Siti Salamah or by request.  You can dance with others or dance with your camera off "as if no one is watching".  There is overwhelming evidence to show that dancing and music have huge health benefits.  "It's a joyful experience!"

6.  Walking for Health

Research shows that walking together in person or online carries great health benefits.  Weekday walks ran in spring 2021 which was a success.  March, 2019 in Welsh hills.  May 2019 walking Hadrian's Wall raising money for SDB and SIHA.  Time together is inspiring in such beautiful places.

7.  Ramadan Group ONLINE

Again in 2023. This online group has run for 2 years consecutively (2021 and 2022).  A space to meet and share daily during the month of Ramadan, which is important to so many Subud members. See FORUM for more info

8.  International ONLINE SIHA Gathering

This was an outstanding event that started as a British event and grew into an international event through the Subud networks!  Allyson Vuli put together a health related program that enabled much sharing and caring through workshops, talks, and discussion groups.  It was an exceptionally successful event.  There is a second Gathering scheduled for January, 2023.

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