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The Role of the SIHA National Coordinator

  1. To network among Subud members working in health

  2. To arrange and facilitate meetings and interactive programs both in person and via Zoom

  3. To encourage members' health projects

  4. To ensure communication with the country's National Committee

  5. To ensure communication with the SIHA Steering Comittee

  6. To produce an annual financial and activities report

  7. To adhere to the Mission Statement of SIHA

  8. To adhere to financial management criteria (to be stipulated)

  9. Able to use social media

  10. To be appointed by testing

  11. To meet the following criteria - a. Is a SIHA member - b. Does the latihan - c. Has online technical capability

  12. If you are not able to become a SIHA National Coordinator but would like to be involved, please consider becoming a National Representative for SIHA and simply act as a point of contact for spreading information about SIHA within your country.  Either way you will be joining an enthusiastic and hardworking team working to attain the Aims of SIHA.

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