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Welcome to the Reichenau Gathering

A Subud Gathering Zone 4

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Where & When

Beautiful Reichenau an der Rax in Austria has been chosen as the site for the next Zone 4 Gathering.

The Gathering will take place from

29 March 2024 to 3 April 2024

Registration is open

Click HERE to register online

General info

This meeting is an important preparation for the World Congress, with the election of the new Zone representative and explanations and discussion of the Congress resolutions.

All participants are welcome to join latihan and kejiwaan meetings, wings workshops.


You may also like to spend some time together in the beautiful mountains.

What's Happening?

Daily Latihans and Wings activities will be balanced with Zonal meetings.

The programme is still being developed, with SIHA workshops and presentations to be included.

We'll post more information here when it's available.

SIHA Workshops and Activities

  • Gatherings and Sharing

  • Preparing for the WC 2024 in Kalimantan

  • Treatments will be available by appointment


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