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Ramadhan 2024 WhatsApp Group

Welcome to join

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Ramadhan 2024 Welcome All WhatsApp Group

Welcome to join the WhatsApp Ramadhan 2024 group created by SIHA.


This is for anyone that would like to be together during this holy month of Fasting. There will be a time for us to join in altogether on zoom, every day (if you wish) after the breaking of the Fast/Iftar/Buka in the evenings - a get-together for all subud members in our subud community - to share your experiences of the Ramadhan fasting day, your fasting in subud, etc. A zoom link will be sent out to all who would like to participate. Please observe and respect that this is a group for all subud members - All subud members are welcome, whether fasting or not fasting and in anyway you wish to do your fasting during this month of Ramadhan. This group is a non-judgmental, non-prejudice, no criticism allowed, a safe space for all!!

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