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Immunology - A Live Session with Andrei Zaika

Updated: Nov 19, 2023

On September 14, 2022, at 5:30 London Time, 30 participants from around the Subud world joined together for a Question and Answer session with our Subud brother Andrei Zaika from Ukraine. Andrei is a specialist in Immunology and offered to answer questions submitted prior to the Zoom meeting. The session was a lovely opportunity for SIHA members and others to connect and just be together for a short while. There were translators on the ready to help also. It was challenging to cross all the language barriers, but that didn't dampen the nourishing atmosphere created by the participants. It was decided to continue the question and answer dialog on the topic of immunity in a Forum on the SIHA website.

A bit more about Andrea from Andrea himself......

"I, the immunologist am not perfect, but that's how life turned out. Accidentally I got on the scientific path. I dreamed of being a pilot, a sailor, and later a philosopher... and even a physicist... but it turned out that I was looking for a spiritual path, and at that time you could only dream about it... the Communist Party, etc. Immunology also had to develop, as the Communist Party would say.....At the beginning, I could freely engage in resistance (the general resistance of the body in society to be healthy).The thymus hormones I studied play a major role in immune regulation....Later, while working at the Institute of Molecular Biology, I studied anticancer and antiviral drugs (Professor A.I. Potopalskyi), and how these drugs affect the immune system. Two monographs (specialist works of writing) have been written. Along with this, I continued my spiritual quest until I met Seth Aroni a little over 30 years ago. I consider myself a researcher in the spiritual direction, thus, the Latihan became the basis of my life. Latihan has always helped me and helps me in life (scientifically as well, thanks to the feeling of Latihan and listening to the guidance...)."

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